Street Magic takes the serious subject of transit safety adds magic, humor and audience participation to create an engaging thought provoking awareness program.

Street Magic Transit Safety Program Description

The presentation begins with an introduction and a magic effect which captures the attention of the audience.

The first phase of the program covers all traffic, railroad,and pedestrian related lights and signs.

Magic Effect.

Using volunteers from the audience the second phase of the program covers where and how to cross a street.

Participants will learn simple techniques that will prepare  them to know, in real time when a driver see's them before they ever step in front of an automobile.

Magic Effect.

Depending on the age of the group various topics will be discussed utilizing humor and members from the audience, participants will learn about distracted drivers, unaware pedestrians and other hazards bicyclists and pedestrians encounter on a daily basis.

Magic Effect.

The final phase of the program covers the rules of the road for bicyclist and helmet safety.

Discussion includes sharing the road with cars, hand signals, basic bike riding rules and more.

With the aid of several audience members we will learn how to and why we wear a helmet.

Culminating with the world famous watermelon drop and or a levitation.