The comments below are based on my work presenting the Street Magic Transit Safety Program. I have also included a few kind words from librarians that speak on my dedication to passing the art of magic on to the next generation.

February 20, 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

The students and staff at our elementary school had only positive things to say about the Street Magic presentation. The students enjoyed the magic and really learned from the presentation. The staff liked how the presentation engaged the students and would like Damian to return in the future for another presentation.

I was able to watch Damian give presentations to two groups of different ages and was impressed to see how he was successful in keeping the attention of both younger and older students.

Our nonprofit pedestrian safety organization has confidence in Street Magic and we are looking forward to discussions on ways to partner with Damian to teach road safety to all students in our school district.

I would like to thank Damian for his dedication to teaching our children how to stay safe on the streets.  

Deborah Hsiung, D.O.